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Writing can be a rewarding career choice. It opens several pathways that aren’t available to other creative options.

If you love to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, then this writing careers list can help you to find your niche is this fantastic profession.


This job gets associated with government officials and politicians, but it is also an option for celebrities, PR firms, and business executives. The one downfall is that you may need to create persuasive arguments for ideas that you don’t support.

Technical Writer

You take complicated jargon from an industry that you’re passionate about and turn it into something that a layperson can understand. If you love working with technology, then there can be plenty of opportunities to explore.


Writers love to create books. This job lets you produce fiction based on your imagination. The traditional process requires you to work with a literary agent, but more self-publishing avenues are opening up for those who excel at marketing.


This job lets you report on current events. You can work for a community newspaper or an international broadcasting corporation like CNN or Fox News. These organizations also need columnists, editors, and communications specialists.


If you love movies, then writing them could be a fun career choice to pursue. You can also create television shows when pursuing this pathway. It comes with a lot of criticism, and you’ll be spending time making numerous revisions, but the career also lets you enjoy the perks of Hollywood when you succeed.


Most writers need to market themselves to create sales. If you want to stay home each day, then consider this career. You might write a corporate blog, a children’s book, and an email marketing campaign in a single eight-hour shift.

Content Writer

Most companies need a writer who is familiar with their industry to create personalized content for customers. It requires SEO knowledge and long hours, but the perks are a lot of free samples of products to review.

Writers produce content for food boxes, social media posts, and video games. If you have a passion for something, then this skill will take you where you want to go for a career. It is also one of the few jobs that’s available today that relies on what you can do more than a degree that hangs on your wall. There are colleges that specialize in writing, which we covered in our College for Authors article, but it may not be required as most of your learning will come from experience. 

Scott Larson