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When a new year comes along, many people take the time to make resolutions. The goal is to create something better in life, whether physical, emotional, or economic.

If you want to earn more money, a resolution might be to start a new business. When you want to get healthy, you might consider investing in BrainMD or Organifi products.

The only problem with a New Year’s resolution is that they typically end in failure. When you know why that happens, it’s much easier to avoid that outcome. 

Top Reasons Why Resolutions Fail

1. They aren’t specific enough. 

Many people try to lose weight or exercise more as a resolution. Those generic goals set people up for failure because they lack ways to mark progress. Without any successful moments to track, it’s harder to stay motivated. You might try to lose 15 pounds by a specific date or sign yourself up for a 5K run in the summer instead.

2. They aren’t framed correctly.

Another reason why New Year’s resolutions fail is that the structure gets framed with negative language. If the goal is to stop eating sugary foods or wasting money, the promises backfire because people are forced to think about what they want to avoid. It’s a set-up for the brain to trick us! It helps to frame the resolution in an active and positive language, like “I will eat more carrots.”

3. They aren’t about you.

The primary obstacle that people face with resolutions is that they don’t reflect an actual desire. Each goal should be made for the individual. The goals are much easier to reach when you can buy into the process because it’s something you want.

What resolutions are you setting for yourself this year?

Scott Larson