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Walking into a grocery store in a post-COVID-19 world is a unique experience. Stickers on the floor tell you to walk down aisles in one direction. More signs ask you to stay back at least six feet when waiting for a cashier or standing in line to access the business.

You can find plenty of people doing their best to abide by the expectations of social distancing. Some communities see even more individuals deciding to reject the guidelines of staying six feet apart.

Why is it that some people refuse to practice social distancing?

A Failure to See How Behavior Hurts Others

When no known outbreaks are present in a community, the idea of social distancing seems like a waste of time. The problem with this issue is that you never know when someone might have an active infection. Just because someone doesn’t go to the doctor to become a statistic means they won’t get COVID-19.

Coronavirus Infections Are Invisible

The human brain watches for patterns as a survival mechanism. If something falls outside of the usual routine, then it becomes a threat. With COVID-19, there isn’t the same cause-and-effect that you can detect when eating spoiled sushi or seeing someone with spots on their skin. The days of delay between exposure and illness can make it seem like everything is going to be okay.

Some People Feel Invincible

Personal fables make it seem to young people that they can do anything without harm. This issue creates circumstances where someone feels like they have an immunity to anything that might happen. No matter how they might behave, the problems of others have no impact on their existence.

It Doesn’t Come with Belief Alignment

The reason why people move into communities with like-minded individuals is that there is less of a desire to be exposed to different ideas. It can also be hard to know who you can trust. That means anything that doesn’t align with personal philosophies has the right to get rejected.

Simple Rebellion

Some people don’t like to follow orders from someone in authority. It can feel good to be rebellious when protecting an opinion or keeping free will intact. That outcome applies to COVID-19, even if it causes someone to get sick.

It has been said that if you don’t stand for something, then you can fall for anything. Although the people who reject social distancing would say that this philosophy describes their choices, it is quite the opposite.

Scott Larson