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Halloween is a time to scare others or get frightened. This tradition of “tricks” dates to the oldest celebrations of this holiday, as neighbors would pull pranks on each other. 

That tradition got so uncontrolled in the United States that cities worked together to create the family-friendly trick-or-treating adventures that we have today.

It is also a time to commune with dark spirits and those who have passed to the next life before us. You’ll find Ouija boards, pentagrams, witchcraft, and other practices more prevalent around the Halloween holiday.

Why are people attracted to these options? Although everyone has their unique reasons, the goal is simple. It is fun to get scared.

Are You Experimenting with Dark Rituals?

You don’t need to be a witch, wizard, or warlock to explore dark rituals on Halloween. As long as you have an open mind and a few tools at your disposal, the experience can be one that you’ll enjoy. 

Here’s what you’ll want to have available for your event this year.


The flickering flames set the mood for your ritual. They can also provide a focal point for moments when you want to summon a specific spell.

Ouija Board

It might be a little dated, but this tool can provide some crazy insights. Ask some questions, have everyone put their hands on the piece, and see what happens.

Essential Oils

Brands like Aura Cacia, NOW Foods, and Premier Research Labs create essential oils that could deepen the atmosphere for your rituals. When you inhale particular scents, the aromatherapy can produce specific results.


Rituals require patience to complete. If you’re on a deadline, the tension and stress from that requirement could ruin the hope of achieving a positive outcome.


It is Halloween. Having something to calm your hunger can help you push through the potential challenges of this event.

You don’t need to believe in dark forces to enjoy spending time at a ritual on Halloween. Whether you meet a spirit or share a laugh with friends, all can have a good time.

Scott Larson