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Have you ever gotten dressed in your Sunday best?

The connection between spirituality and fashion hinges a lot on looking good, not for others, but for your Divine.

Although that idea has transitioned from a suit and tie to a polo and khakis for guys, many women still put on their dresses and makeup.

Does God care about what we wear, or is it the effort that is more important?

If the latter is true, is it reasonable to conclude that religious icons, images, and symbolism could also count for being part of that experience?

The Idea is to Connect with Your Soul

When you get ready for a spiritual service or event, a routine starts developing each time it occurs.

You might eat something similar, dress in a specific way, or contemplate your spirituality with renewed focus.

Fashion can be part of that process. History tells us that communities, cultures, and eras have all used apparel to communicate specific beliefs or religious messages. All one has to do is look at Ancient Egypt to see god-like symbology to see this pattern.

Is wearing jewelry with the Eye of Ra any different than sporting a cross today?

Looking Your Best Represents Cleanliness

Chores can feel like a burden. You’d rather spend your time doing something more fun, right? When you clean a kitchen with a product from the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day line, the outcome feels like a reward.

That same process happens when you look your best before having a spiritual moment. The cleanliness feels like holiness.

It is not unusual for someone overly “pious” to look at someone dressing their best to see it as vanity. We must remember that the only person each of us controls is ourselves. If someone wants to be judgmental, their choices are a commentary on who they are – not who you are.

Scott Larson