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Have you ever noticed how three people can witness the same event and end up telling the story in three different ways?

When you wake up from a dream, does it seem like you spent weeks living a different life?

Your brain does a lot of stuff for you, but it is also an organ shrouded in mystery. It’s always a few steps ahead, no matter how much you learn.

Here are some of the ways that the brain tricks you into thinking something that isn’t necessarily true.

1. Can Others Read Your Mind?

Have you walked into a room thinking that everyone there knew what was on your mind? This phenomenon is called a transparency illusion. It’s a cognitive bias that the brain uses to overestimate the amount of information that other people get from our emotional state.

2. Did Everyone See?

If something embarrassing happens to you, your brain thinks that everyone in the vicinity saw it happen. It’s a trick that creates an assumption the mistake became something that everyone noticed. It can involve anything from a bad hair day to an error in judgment.

3. Are the Facts Distorted?

When you don’t like someone, it feels like everything that person does is an annoyance. Whether it’s how they part their hair, chew gum, or coach youth sports, your brain catches every piece of negative information possible. Your brain likes to distort facts about the people you don’t like much.

4. Do You Follow Orders?

People will take massive steps to make it seem like they have authority. The goal is to maintain power because the brain builds the foundation to follow orders. Do you need to follow the same social codes as everyone else does each day?

Some people over-focus on social cues, see themselves in every personality test, or say things you might not want to let go. All of these options are ways that the brain tricks you daily into thinking the world is different than it is. If this distresses you, consider some ways to calm your mind.

Scott Larson