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When you get energy from social encounters, having a job that encourages those situations can lead to a rewarding career.

These jobs for extroverts encourage you to use your outgoing side each day. Which one could be right for you?

What Jobs Are Best for Extroverts?


You need to get out there and meet people when you run for an elected office. The ability to negotiate, lead, and influence others come from the charismatic charm your personality provides.


Meeting people so that you can solve their problems is a highly rewarding career option. Your job can represent products or services that spark your passions, creating a fun workplace environment that travels with you to every appointment.

Social Media

You could be an influencer, marketer, or freelancer in this space as an extrovert. When you enjoy meeting people, engaging with others, and have an outgoing personality that attracts everyone, you’ll have an incredible experience. 

Public Relations

The goal of this career is to build relationships and influence across multiple platforms. You need to pitch stories, contact reporters, handle a crisis, train the C-Suite, conduct interviews, and manage the public face of the brand. The work variety ensures that almost no two days are exactly alike with this career.

Business Management

If you want to manage a business, you must first know how to interact with others. The most successful leaders communicate effectively, build relationships with everyone in their sphere, and get people headed toward the same goal.


Although some jobs don’t pay well and others require a massive educational stipulation, it is still quite rewarding to be in this industry. You’re meeting people when they don’t feel good, and your job is to help them get better. It’s the perfect combination for an extrovert!


You could be a life, business, or sports coach to take advantage of this career option. When you can inspire, lead, and motivate others to accomplish their goals, your influence can mean the difference between failure and success.

Introverts experience success in these careers, but extroverts gain new life and energy from each encounter. That’s why each option could be the perfect opportunity to explore.

Scott Larson