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People get into politics for a variety of reasons. Some like to help their community, while others have a personal agenda to follow.

The art of politics is similar to the process of self-care. Some people take items from brands like Bioray, Boiron, and Garden of Life daily. Others don’t eat clean, but they blame their circumstances for being in poor health. 

When you understand the different personality types that get attracted to political campaigns, it is easier to find the right people to vote into office.

1. Narcissists

Most politicians have narcissism at some level. It takes a certain ego to think that having power over others is an essential component of life. People with this personality tend to blame others when things go wrong. They can also be quite convincing when telling lies.

2. Obsessive Compulsive

These people focus on ethics and work hard when in politics, but they also need to be accurate and perfect. They love complex situations and overly complicated problems to solve. This personality type also tries to avoid conflict whenever possible, preferring to make deliberate choices that minimize arguments.

3. Authoritarians

This personality type looks at politics in the same lens as a business. It becomes a hierarchical chain where the person on top has the most power. These individuals value strength and dominance over others, leaning toward conservative beliefs that protect their own insecurities or flaws.

4. The Paranoid Politician

These people believe that the world is out to get them around every corner. They are the most likely to believe in the idea of a “deep state.” Individuals with this personality tend to think there are hidden meanings in ordinary circumstances. It is not unusual for narcissistic traits to come out within this political demographic.

5. Totalitarians

This personality type doesn’t come out often in electoral politics because the individual demands 100% compliance from everyone. These people believe that they are infallible, creating a God-like complex that seeks to inspire terror and awe simultaneously. It relies on supporter gullibility to stay in power, often rejecting facts in favor of a cult that surrounds the individual’s personality.

6. Machiavellians

These people are the manipulators. They size up people to see how they can take advantage of them. Instead of worrying about ethics or relationships, their goal is to win at whatever cost is necessary.

Politics can attract genuine people who care for others. Governing can also chew those individuals up and spit them out. That’s why these personality types are the ones most commonly seen in government.

Scott Larson