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Subscription services are an awesome way to explore a wide range of products. If you’re interested in a particular field but don’t know where to start, a subscription service is a great way to familiarize yourself with the field. Subscription services can also be a way to save money, time, and effort. From vinyl subscriptions to meals, here are the five best subscriptions you need right now.

Magnolia Record Club – Magnolia Record Club. This is a vinyl subscription service. If you’re a fan of vinyl, you love Magnolia Record Club. With an extensive collection of vinyl curated and hand-picked by artists, you’re sure to have a wonderful experience every month. Magnolia Record Club offers a vinyl subscription service that ships in the first week of each month. They offer exclusive limited-edition pressings, a personal note from the curator, and a special art print in each monthly box. 

If you opt for the record of the month box, you’ll get free shipping worldwide. Connect with wonderful indie, rock, and punk artists via this vinyl subscription service. You can pay monthly at $27 for subscribers in the US and $45 outside the US. If you’re paying every three months, it’ll cost $78 in the US and $132 outside the US. Finally, you can pay annually at $300 in the US and $516 outside the US. You’re also free to pause and cancel this plan at any time.

Scentbird – Scentbird is a perfume subscription box. With Scentbird, you can try out scents from luxury brands such as Cartier, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Bvlgari, and Prada at just $15.95 monthly. This is an affordable option for people who love luxury perfumes but are a bit apprehensive about dropping hundreds of dollars for a single bottle. On Scentbird, you will be asked to take a quiz which will help them understand your taste better. You will then be asked to select what you’d like to try, and if you subscribe, you get access to their entire catalog. Scentbird’s perfumes come in 8ml bottles and hold up to 135 sprays. 

Dinnerly – Dinnerly is an affordable meal kit that provides 15 easy recipes every month. They bring the ingredients and recipes to your door so that you can have stress-free dinners. They make homemade cooking significantly easier. Dinnerly has earned the title of the most affordable meal kit service by offering plans as low as $4.69 for one (adult) person. It can cater to dietary needs such as a vegan, vegetarian, keto, or pescatarian diet. You can check the weekly menu on their website for updates and choices.

Loot Crate – Loot Crate is an entertainment subscription service that offers exclusive loots and a surprise every month. As the name implies, every month, you’ll be getting a “loot crate.” They have pop culture crates, animation crates, apparel crates, film, and TV crates, gaming crates, and limited edition crates. You can also go even more personal with the option to select a Harry Potter crate, a Marvel crate, a Deadpool crate, and many more. With some crates as low as $28.95 per month, Loot Crate has an option for everyone.

Book of the Month –Are you interested in reading more books but don’t know where to start?? Book of The Month has you covered. Every month you’ll get an option between five newly released books for your pleasure. You’ll then be asked to pick one or more books. That is your book of the month. This is a great subscription service for readers or people who want to start reading more.

Scott Larson