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One of the unique side effects of the coronavirus lockdowns is that pollution levels dropped dramatically. People could see mountains that hadn’t been visible for years. It created a new love of the outdoors and opportunities to travel.

When you can start flying to different destinations again, these are the places to visit before they disappear for good.

The Dead Sea

This destination is the lowest known place on Earth, sitting at 1,380 feet below sea level. Water levels are shrinking quickly with climate changes impacting the Jordan River.

City of Petra

Entire buildings got carved out of tall cliffs and rock faces to create an impressive city. As saltwater and erosion take place, the craftsmanship of our ancestors is slowly getting lost to time.

The Great Wall of China

The intent of this landmark was to protect against enemy invasions. Significant efforts are underway to save and restore sections of it, but locals are also selling bricks from it to generate income.

The Grand Canyon

Although this impressive natural wonder seems like it will stay forever, it was listed as endangered by the National Trust of Historic Preservation in 2015. Tourism and mining are the primary threats to this beautiful area.

The Maldives

The beautiful white-sand beaches and glowing waters are slowly disappearing. The islands are only eight feet above sea level, and they’re slowly sinking into the ocean.

Venice, Italy

The city experiences over 100 floods per year. Over the next century, it may sink into the water completely. As sea levels rise, now is the time to visit when you get the chance.

Big Sur

It’s hard to find a better landscape in California than along this coastal section. You’ll see ocean monoliths, towering cliffs, and green pastures. Landslides, forest fires, and drought are all trying to get rid of it.

Machu Picchu

This city of the Incas is built on top of the Andes Mountains. If you love hiking, the journey here will take your breath away for multiple reasons! Erosion is a constant risk, even with steps taken to preserve the ruins.

What destination do you plan to visit first from this list?

Scott Larson