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Moving to New York City is a dream that many young people have when growing up. Expectations don’t always meet up with the reality of the situation when achieving this goal. That’s why knowing how to survive in the first days of coming to NYC can make the transition easier to complete. 

You will find every type of person in New York City. That’s one of the reasons why the energy levels always feel high here. It is a place where you can blend in if you prefer. You’ll also discover that this community wants you to become unapologetically independent.

What to Know When Moving to NYC

The logistics of moving to New York City are about the same as they are anywhere else you might live. Your home might be smaller and more expensive, but life has a way of getting you into a routine.

When you find yourself in NYC, you’ll discover these truths are waiting.

Every Person Has a Story to Tell

The diversity of people and stories are fantastic in the city. Everyone you meet has something to share and can make your life better in some way. Almost everyone comes to NYC for a specific reason, and that is connects you to others if you’re willing to have a conversation.

The Subway Isn’t As Bad as the Stories Say

Do you want to chew the gum that’s stuck to the railing as you descend to the subway? Of course not. What you’ll discover is that the city never sleeps. If you’re willing to offer a smile, most people will give one back in return. Using your common sense will help you to discover many new and safe experiences in NYC.

You Can Make It Anywhere if You Make It Here

New York City is the perfect place to put your priorities to the test. There is no other place in the United States where you can find evidence that your ideas and perspectives have relevance. The city can be unforgiving, and there will be days when you feel like giving up. If you persist, then you can find some success.

Happy Hour Always Provides Some Relief

Drinking in NYC is cheap if you know where to look. Almost every bar offers some kind of special nightly. The street tacos and other foods from local vendors can even make it so that you don’t need to cook in your small apartment.

New York City will test your limits. It will separate the doers from the dreamers. If you can find a job, a friend, and a place to live, then there’s nothing that can hold you back. 

Scott Larson