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It is not uncommon for people to feel lost in life. One of the ways to keep moving forward is to find yourself spiritually.

Discovering your spiritual side doesn’t mean that you must embrace a religion. You can draw strength from what your belief systems communicate to your soul.

What you believe should be unique to who you are. If you are looking to discover this component in your life, follow these steps to start that process.

Steps to Follow When Finding Yourself Spiritually

1. Set your intention immediately. It would be best if you had a goal to strive toward when embracing the spiritual side of life. It helps to keep an open mind during this process so that you can explore different ideas and philosophies without judgmental restrictions getting in the way.

2. Feed your mind with a diverse set of ideas. Reading the holy books of different religions can be an educational experience! You should also look for spiritual authors who provide unique philosophies that make you reconsider your positions on almost everything.

3. Take a moment to be still every day. Connect to the world around you without worrying about the elements of time, relationships, or influences. That means shutting off your phone, ignoring social media, and closing your calendar for a few minutes to listen to the universe.

4. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Approach the idea of spirituality with a joyful playfulness. Allow yourself to find laughter in moments throughout the day. When you open your soul to the idea that there is something bigger to the purpose of everything, it can be an eye-opening experience.

5. Look for signs of spirituality happening around you. It doesn’t take long to spot undeniable signs and unusual coincidences occurring as you tap into your spiritual energy.

6. Take time to care for yourself during your spiritual quest. It helps to get enough sleep each night, a little exercise every day, and eating in healthy ways. You may discover that some activities have profound spiritual connections that can be incredibly fun while you get to explore who you are. 

7. Be willing to experiment. Everyone has an authoritative opinion to share about spirituality, especially if you look at different religions. People focus on what they think is right – which means anything different is automatically wrong.
Finding yourself spiritually is a journey that may never end. It is also one of the most profound activities that you start in your life. It is even a topic to look into if you are looking for counseling. Many if not most counselors are secular, but there may be reasons for why you would seek religious counseling.

Scott Larson