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If you want to know how successful people start their day, it begins with breakfast. When you have a high-protein meal with a few complex carbs, you can receive support throughout the morning, leaving you feeling energetic and mentally aware.

Successful people also review their nutritional profiles to ensure deficiencies aren’t holding them back. They might take a multivitamin, products from Thorne Research, or embrace the concepts offered by New Chapter.

Once that foundation gets built, you’ll see these additional habits on display throughout the day.

Stay Away from the Distractions

Did you know the average person looks at their smartphone over 80 times during the day? This distraction habit occurs even when there aren’t notifications ringing. Outside of social media and texting, your email can become another time waster to avoid. It helps to establish a specific time during the day, often right after lunch, to keep your productivity levels high.

Take Time to Exercise

You need at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise weekly. If you carve out time on your schedule for a workout, you’ll take care of your mental and physical health even better. You can’t maximize productivity if your body isn’t up for the work you need to do!

Read One New Book Per Week

Reading exercises your brain and offers fuel to your imagination. The most successful people try to read at least one new book weekly to expand their perspectives. It’s easy to think you know it all when there isn’t any feedback coming your way. By picking up another philosophy, you can adapt and grow.

Start with the Important Stuff

Your energy levels are always highest in the morning hours. That’s when you should work on the most challenging items found on your to-do list. All of the easier things can get finished at the end of the day when you’re wrapping everything up to go home.

The most successful people realize that work is only one part of their lives. If you neglect your personal responsibilities for your professional ones, you’ll never reach the goals you have.

Scott Larson