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Over 60% of Americans say that now is the right time to wear a mask or a facial covering. The surge of interest in preventing the spread of COVID-19 happened after President Trump received a coronavirus diagnosis and received treatment at Walter Reed National Military Center.

Although you can still see people posting anti-mask content on social media, 92% of Americans say that they wear a facial covering of some type when leaving their home. Three-quarters say that this happens “all of the time.”

The percentage of people who “always” wear a mask is up nearly 25% since July.

Public health officials continue to say that mask wearing is the most effective way to stop the virus’s airborne transmission. It has killed over 210,000 Americans and over one million people globally since February while sickening about 7.5 million people.

37 States Currently Mandate Face Coverings

State mandates come and go based on the levels of COVID-19 transmission happening. At the time of writing this post, New Hampshire had just initiated a new face covering mandate with D.C. and Puerto Rico.

Mississippi had lifted their mandate on September 30, although the governor instituted a partial requirement in high-risk counties.

The details of each mandate are variable. Some states require children as young as two to wear masks, while others let kids as old as 12 avoid having a facial covering.

Most states with a mask mandate require people to wear them whenever they are in an indoor public space. Stores, restaurants, and taxis are some examples of when it is necessary.

Outdoor requirements are a part of some mandates when it is impossible to stay six feet apart.

Even when a state doesn’t require a mask, many households are choosing to wear them anyway. You will also see people focused on their health, stocking items from brands like DesBio and Allergy Research Group to give their immune systems a boost.

At some point, we’re going to get a handle on new COVID-19 infections. Until that day arrives, wearing a mask might be your best defense.

Scott Larson