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Easter is one of Christianity’s more important holidays. It’s also a celebration of different events all over the world.

Some items are common to most celebrations, such as chocolates, flowers, eggs, rabbits, and brunch. You’ll also find that numerous local traditions make this holiday a special event that’s 100% unique in many destinations.

Here is a look at how Easter observances are different worldwide.

Easter in England

People in England typically exchange Easter eggs and other gifts during the spring holiday season. Clothing and chocolates are standard, while some provide holiday packages to their loved ones. Daffodils are a common sight at this time.

Easter in Australia

What makes Australia unique is that it is a melting pot of cultures. You’ll find people celebrating this holiday in several different ways, ranging from religious services to the traditional Easter baskets in the morning.

Easter in Latin America

When you visit Mexico or Central America, you’ll find religious themes dominate most Easter celebrations. Semana Santa is for the entire holy week, allowing festivals that lead up to the eventual gathering on Resurrection Sunday to celebrate conquering death.

Easter in Europe

Although Europeans come from different backgrounds and cultures, you’ll find numerous similarities in their Easter traditions. One of the best experiences is to sit by a bonfire in a churchyard or high on a hilltop the evening before to gather with the people you adore the most.

Easter in the United States

Although Easter has religious connotations for Americans, it tends to be more of a commercialized holiday. Some people treat it with reverence, while others encourage their kids to laugh at jelly beans being rabbit droppings. You’ll find a wide range of festivals, events, and community gatherings to enjoy.

Easter is one of the holidays where we celebrate spring, religion, and family all at the same time. What are some of your favorite traditions you practice at home?

Scott Larson