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The Bible describes the human body as being a temple for the Holy Spirit. Other holy books offer a similar perspective on taking care of yourself.

It would be fair to say that many of our relationships with fitness are complicated. Some people have long bursts and extended periods away, creating a yo-yo effect for their health. Others worry about it so much that they spend less time with their loved ones.

You might be in another category where you know fitness is important, but you’re not ready to get started.

How to Start Exercising Again

The best way for a spiritual person to embrace exercise is to include it during their regular reflection time.

If you read the Bible daily, consider getting an audiobook of your preferred version to listen to it while walking.

When you spend time praying, consider speaking to God while on the treadmill instead of in a closet.

Taking a holistic approach to your workouts is also helpful. You want to be pain-free and functional, which means the focus should be on flexibility and mobility more than power and strength.

If active exercise and faithful connections don’t feel right, you could incorporate your spiritual studies into the cooldown time after the workout is over. It might even help to visit a physical therapist a couple of times per year to ensure everything works as intended.

You can be fit and focus on your faith. Instead of having them be separate entities, why not see what happens when you combine them?

Scott Larson