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If you have a creative mind and love to write, then going to college to be an author can be a rewarding experience. Most institutions provide an English major that allows you to study literature and writing, but you may need more than that to have a successful publishing career.

Attending one of the best colleges for authors can give you the tools that you need to build the life you want. These are the institutions you’ll want to consider.

Emerson College

This institution offers two writing majors that cover all aspects of the process for new authors. You’ll focus on creative works, literature, and publishing with experienced professors who know how to create the success you want. You’ll learn that any piece is salvageable with the correct improvements.

University of Iowa

The history of writing in Iowa City is underrated. Kurt Vonnegut worked on Slaughterhouse-Five in the city when he taught workshops at the university. Although about 1,000 students enroll in the authorship courses at the institution each year, the class sizes are still quite small. You can also specialize in specific writing genres.

New York University

If you take a stroll through Washington Square Park when attending this institution, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your next characters. The creative writing program here is competitive with the best in the world. There are even options to study overseas in Italy or Saudi Arabia. It’s also a great place if you want to get involved in screenwriting.

Columbia University

The Columbia Review is the oldest college literary magazine in the United States. It gets published twice per year, and the institution owns a publishing house that offers paid internships. If you take the creative writing path here, then you can get involved with poetry, fiction, and cross-genre work. There’s even a humor-writing class.

Johns Hopkins University

This institution focuses on group collaborative efforts as you take writing seminars to explore the elements of prose. Advanced workshops take you through poetry, fiction, and screenwriting. Most classes have about a dozen students in them, making it a comfortable learning experience where the lessons stick well.

Do you need to take post-graduate work to become a writer? That’s a question only you can answer. If you decide that a college for authors makes sense for your future career, then these are the first institutions to consider attending.

Scott Larson