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Travel plans are changing for people all over the world this holiday season because of COVID-19. Although more people are moving around, plenty of caution is necessary to avoid getting or unintentionally spreading this disease to others.

Current travel trends are off by about 50% in 2020 compared to last year. The most significant shift was in April when the Transport Safety Administration only screened about 80,000 people daily. During the start of 2019’s travel season, over two million people per day were flying.

Many organizations, included the CDC, recommend staying home to avoid getting sick. 

How You Can Manage Travel During the COVID-19 Crisis

It is crucial to remember that no travel is 100% safe in 2020 with the coronavirus pandemic. If you are traveling for the holidays, it is highly recommended that you wear a facial covering in all public areas.

If you feel sick, do not travel.

When you can purchase items or check-in remotely, take them to avoid having unnecessary contact with others.

The CDC provides these additional recommendations for holiday gatherings this year.

  • Review if the coronavirus is actively spreading where you plan to travel. If it is, you have a higher chance of experiencing an infection or infecting others.
  • Underlying conditions could make you more susceptible to the severe form of this disease, even if they haven’t been formally diagnosed.
  • Places where six-foot distancing is not possible requires a face mask to be worn at all times.
  • Some destinations require a 14-day quarantine period upon arrival, evidence of a recent negative test, and similar stipulations.

If you plan to travel, bring alcohol wipes with you to clean everything you plan to touch. Although most providers follow the current guidelines to keep public interfaces sanitized, no one is perfect. Bringing personal supplies will supplement these activities.

You can give your health a boost before traveling by eating right and getting some exercise. Some people may benefit from having products from Nordic Naturals and Amazing Grass as part of their daily routine. 

Should you encounter someone who appears sick while traveling, leave the area. It is better to get off the airplane or stop somewhere else when driving than to risk potential exposure.
The holidays are the time when we all come together to catch up on the year with our family and friends. This time, it might be safer using Zoom for some people. If you must travel, please remember these precautions.

Scott Larson