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How do you find spiritual practice moments when the world feels chaotic?

It is easy to conflate spirituality with religion. The elements of worship often come with faithful tones and ethical instructions that work to make life better.

The difference between religion and spirituality is that one has set rules to follow, and the other does not.

Most humans want some level of meaning in their life. Spiritual practices can provide this benefit, especially in troubling times. This set of guidelines can help you to start that journey.

Step #1: Start Small and Take It Easy

You don’t need to adopt an entire set of new beliefs before the sun rises tomorrow. Many spiritual practices use reflection and silence as a way to find more clarity. Instead of diving in headfirst, try taking a few minutes each day in a soothing environment to explore several different options.

Step #2: Commit to the Process

The spiritual process involves finding acceptance for who you are. We often focus on emotions like gratitude and compassion. Still, it would be best to accept the anger, shame, and guilt you feel. Trying to suppress who you are can create voids in your soul that can be challenging to fill. This journey often takes small steps because of how painful feelings can be.

Step #3: Adopt a Practice

Pay mindful attention to your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. You’ll find spiritual experiences in these efforts, even if you choose to follow a specific religion.

Step #4: Study Your Faith

Explore the different perspectives of spirituality. Humans like to separate ideas into “right” and “wrong” categories, but faith is unique because it is individualized. When you take the time to see the world through the lens of another perspective, the information deepens your approach to this realm.

Step #5: Develop Optimism

Spirituality should be a positive event. When people focus only on the negative, the toxicity of that energy influences their faith in several harmful ways. Try to ask questions, embrace your curiosity, and keep your mind open to new possibilities.

Step #6: Choose Love

Let the love you have be the light that shines into the darkness for others. Putting people first can often de-escalate situations before you even recognize a problem exists.

When you respect others, that effort reflects the compassion you have for yourself. That process is where spirituality forms. Following these steps can help you start your journey of where you’d like to be in life.

Scott Larson