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We all tend to get stressed and worried on a steady basis, maybe due to our work schedule, relationship, and health or family issues, this tends to weaken the body and reduce productivity. This is quickly becoming a way of life, anxiety, stress, and headaches, most people tend to find it hard when they get to this level of discomfort. Easily spotting when you are about to enter into these conditions and knowing familiar ways to handle such situations will aid in improving your health. Let’s take a look at tips and some of the steps that you can take to better your mental health in times like this


Have you noticed that when you get anxious or stressed for some time, you tend to take sharp and shallow breaths or when you hold your breath for a long time, you tend to get unrelaxed? Our breathing has a very strong correlation with our hormone system. Breathing can be able to activate the parasympathetic system which results in calmness and deactivate the flight or fight response, which is activated whenever we start taking quick and shallow breaths. All this is geared at aiding you to calm down and relieve stress. Stress and anxiety come with quick breaths and the only way to regulate that is by trying to breathe normally. There are different breathing techniques available to enforce in such situations;

  • The 1:2 breathing technique, where you take a deep breath and exhale slowly as twice as long as your exhalation. E.g.
  • Breathe into a count of six, hold the breath for up to twice as long (up to six counts), then take a long to exhale.

There is a whole lot of breathing technique out there, all with the aim of balancing your hormone release and keeping your mental health in check.

Write it down

Most people tend to get angrier when they talk about what made them angry, therefore talking is not an option for most people. For people who don’t feel okay talking about these things, writing them down is the best option. Get a pen and pepper, put down the reasons why you are angry, who or what might have caused it, put them all down. This can help you to pick out the negativities or look at them when you have calmed down so you can calmly pick out the problems and fix them properly.

Play instruments or music

Listening to music and playing instrumentals that you love tend to bring some sort of soothing calm. Most especially playing that instrument that you love most; a piano or guitar being the most common, instruments can significantly help clear your mind and ease your stress whenever you play it. The new movie Soul by Pixar Animation Studios shows how “getting lost in the music” can relax the mind and soul.

Get busy in leisure activities

When you get stressed from work, taking a break is well advised to calm your mind. Staying idle is not the best option, therefore associating yourself with some leisure activities or hobbies is the best case. You can turn to the garden, taking care of your collections e.g. vintage guitars or records collections. This gives you the opportunity to take care of things you love the most and we all know you can stay angry for long for who or what you love.

Take a break and grab a snack

Most of the time, we are stressed because of low sugar levels or dehydration in our body and we don’t know. When feeling at ease, take a break, take enough water or other fluids, grab a snack, and eat so your body can be properly fueled to carry out rigorous exercise without affecting you mentally.

Always monitoring your mental health is key to a long and comfortable life. Understanding these home remedies will help in keeping your mental life in check. Always take breaks in between works and all other things that take a toll on your mental stress and take proper care of yourself.

Scott Larson