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When you’re in a good mood, it often feels like you can have a great conversation with anyone. If you get a pick-me-up from brands like Designs for Health or Quicksilver Scientific, you can get that feeling with the proper supplementation.

What happens when you’re still not feeling like a social encounter? When you know how to have an interesting conversation with anyone, it becomes possible to have positive interactions with almost everyone.

Tips for Having an Interesting Conversation

1. Ask the other person a personal question.

When you ask a personal question, you’re creating opportunities to share opinions. It doesn’t have to be about the subject. Something as simple as, “Do you prefer pretzels or peanuts and why?” can add some life to the conversation.

2. Learn something new about the other person.

Create a personal mission to discover at least one interesting fact about the other person in the conversation. Most people try to find out what someone does for a living, where they’re from, or what their future plans could be. This process can help discover the places that common ground exists.

3. Share something personal.

When someone provides one-word answers, there could be trust issues with your conversation. In that circumstance, it helps to share something personal first. You could talk about why you live where you do, a professional story, or anything else that seems to relate.

4. Maintain an active listening posture.

Most conversations fail because one person (or everyone!) tries to interrupt the other before a thought gets finished. Everyone is anxious about sharing an opinion. If you listen first and ask questions, you’ll find it is easier to get to know others.

An interesting conversation starts when you’re willing to offer trust and respect. These tips can help to make that outcome happen!

Scott Larson